Sanitizer Bracelets!


Hi Quaranteam friends!

I hope everyone is doing well today! I want to bring some new information to your lovely computers. It’s my discovery of  a new product called “Sanitizer Bracelet.”

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that since the commencement of this pandemic, I’ve had to carry my sanitizers every where I go.  I have one in my car, in the foyer of my home on a sofa table, one in every bathroom, in my purse… everywhere!

Now, I don’t have to do that anymore, HALLELUJAH! 🙌 I purchased this cute little ‘Fitbit look-a-like’ bracelet and it allows me to put any sanitizer I would like in the body of the band. It’s so cute and easy to take with you everywhere you go, because it’s a bracelet and comfortably rests right on your wrist!  You can personalize it with any writing you would like and they have a selection of colors too!  You HAVE to get into it! 😊

Grab your own bracelet here! Also use the code COVIDCRUSHER and get 10% off! Enjoy!



Cheers to spreading love and not germs,





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