A Review on Bar Keepers Friend

Finding products that are thorough enough to really clean what you need is so complicated at times. I accidentally found Bar Keepers Friend and it has been a jewel!

It works on Rust, or anything tarnished. It is comparable to the ‘Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ‘ but it so much easier because there is no scrubbing needed. I sprinkle a little amount on the area I want to clear, pour hot water over it literally comes off with a wipe.

You have to check out my video demonstration of Bar Keeper’s Friend on my dish. I live in a farm house and we have rust in our water. About every two weeks you can begin to see the build up of rust on our plates. All I have to do is soak my dishes in hot water with a 1/2 cup of Bar Keepers Friend and it is durable enough to penetrate through the rust on the plates. I can fill a whole sink full!

(See Bar Keepers Friend live and in action).

There is also a Bar Keepers Friend solution for old stains on rugs and carpet and even upholstery.  It work on contact and removes the stains instantly! Amazon sells it in bulk and I am always stocked up at home with this product.


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