A Review on Bar Keepers Friend

Finding products that are thorough enough to really clean what you need is so complicated at times. I accidentally found Bar Keepers Friend and it has been a jewel!

It works on Rust, or anything tarnished. It is comparable to the ‘Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ‘ but it so much easier because there is no scrubbing needed. I sprinkle a little amount on the area I want to clear, pour hot water over it literally comes off with a wipe.

You have to check out my video demonstration of Bar Keeper’s Friend on my dish. I live in a farm house and we have rust in our water. About every two weeks you can begin to see the build up of rust on our plates. All I have to do is soak my dishes in hot water with a 1/2 cup of Bar Keepers Friend and it is durable enough to penetrate through the rust on the plates. I can fill a whole sink full!

(See Bar Keepers Friend live and in action).

There is also a Bar Keepers Friend solution for old stains on rugs and carpet and even upholstery.  It work on contact and removes the stains instantly! Amazon sells it in bulk and I am always stocked up at home with this product.


Sanitizer Bracelets!


Hi Quaranteam friends!

I hope everyone is doing well today! I want to bring some new information to your lovely computers. It’s my discovery of  a new product called “Sanitizer Bracelet.”

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that since the commencement of this pandemic, I’ve had to carry my sanitizers every where I go.  I have one in my car, in the foyer of my home on a sofa table, one in every bathroom, in my purse… everywhere!

Now, I don’t have to do that anymore, HALLELUJAH! 🙌 I purchased this cute little ‘Fitbit look-a-like’ bracelet and it allows me to put any sanitizer I would like in the body of the band. It’s so cute and easy to take with you everywhere you go, because it’s a bracelet and comfortably rests right on your wrist!  You can personalize it with any writing you would like and they have a selection of colors too!  You HAVE to get into it! 😊

Grab your own bracelet here! Also use the code COVIDCRUSHER and get 10% off! Enjoy!



Cheers to spreading love and not germs,






Well, it’s appropriate to say that our world as we know it, has been compromised. There is a lot of chaos and craziness going on as well. I can, however, offer a consolation of peace and stability for our homes. The truth is, WE DECIDE what our environment will be like. I know that I make a conscious effort every day to ‘embrace the beauty in the chaos’. The beauty being, that we are quarantined in our own homes and all the while,  there are many ways we can still thrive. My goal is to show you how a sanitizing-cleaning regimen can be very successful for your family, especially in this pandemic.


It’s SUPER imperative that you are aware of ‘the flow’ of your household. What does your husband and/or kids do when the first come home from work or school. Where do their shoes usually end up? Where do their clothes go? Are your family members rushing to the fridge to find food? All of these questions are VERY important, especially during a time like this.


Image result for shoes in the home


There’s no better time than now to adopt a new tradition of ensuring that everyone removes their shoes before entering the rest of the house. If your mudroom is in the front of the house, PERFECT. If your mudroom isn’t-make sure everyone is going in through the mudroom (if feasible) and removing their shoes! It’s an absolute must. There are so many creepy germs at the bottom of our shoes that we don’t want to end up anywhere in the home….and well, because, that’s nasty!  You can organize the shoes in a basket so there are not shoes everywhere or even Amazon has really great huge wicker baskets to flow with a casual home aesthetic. Check for prices- Deco 79 Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket with Arched Handles, Rustic Natural Brown Finish, as Coastal Decorative Accent or Storage, 21″ W x 17″ L x 17″ H) .

See the source imageCLOTHES

Depending on whether you have an essential worker in your household-I would advise to have a laundry basket in the mudroom and have that be were you remove your outer garments ‘that have been exposed to the world’. 😊

Put towels there if needed for privacy! No need to worry about flashing family members, haha! There are several fold-able, laundry baskets that can also be thrown in the wash as a whole from Amazon-Check out their prices: Hosroome Laundry Hampers with Lids Laundry Baskets with Handles Waterproof and Mildewproof Foldable Hamper Easily Transport Laundry,Grey


See the source image


If you have to make a sign to remind your family members-do it. After they have completed the aforementioned they absolutely have to wash their hands. As a matter of fact, hand washing should be done several times a day, as needed, WITH SOAP for 20 seconds at a time. I recommend using “ Safe Guards’ Liquid Hand Soap”-Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap, Washes Away Bacteria, Micellar Deep Cleansing, Fresh Clean Scent, 25 Oz (Pack of 4)  It’s a deep micellar cleansing soap and specifically for bacteria. It’s awesome. I’m sure there are some out there that kill viruses as well!


If you travel quite often, just keep a Lysol-type spray in your car. I like the “Suave Hand Sanitizer spray”-Suave Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Kills 99.9% of Germs 10 oz,Pack of 6 It says it kills 99.9% of germs. I also use it for when we order take-out to spray anything that I feel needs sanitizing. Use it for spraying your groceries before putting them away as well!

Of course always have a hand sanitizer that’s alcohol based with you. I have one in my purse, in the car etc. This is, in the event that you can’t physically wash your hands.

Just by having this small system will help later when we dive into the appropriate cleaning regimen.


About Ayoola


Hi! Welcome to the Site! You are officially embarking on a new way of life just by being here. Kudos to you! I imagine, your curiosity for deep cleaning and taking care of your family has led you here and that is awesome!



My cleaning journey started at a young age. Saturday was cleaning day and my whole family dreaded it. From washing and drying clothes, to cleaning windows and appliances…the list goes on. I think it was my parent’s only day off and they both made sure my brothers and I helped to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that cleaning and organizing go hand-in-hand. I’ve incorporated many cleaning ideas while also tweaking where necessary, to fit our family lifestyle.

You know the saying, “reading is fundamental,” well, I also feel like that completely applies to cleaning as well. Generally speaking, cleaning helps us exude positive energy and it is completely essential for good health.

Especially during this pandemic, I feel like it’s imperative we switch things up. Sanitizing and disinfecting our homes has become the new normal and I’m here to help make it gratifying and effective.


Similar to any other mom, I’ve struggled to keep up with a busy home at times and just truly trying to balance it all. We certainly try to do it all, moms, but we are only human!

I have been able to develop a fluid system to effectively sanitize and disinfect all areas of the home and I’ve been successful with my routine for a few years now.

After receiving many compliments over the years… I’ve decided that it’s important to share these “clean home techniques’ for other moms because I understand how hard it is to cook, care,  clean and do everything else that is on or plate. If I can make this part easier for another mom then, what a blessing!

To Clean, Sanitized and Happier Homes,